Not Random Acts, But…

Basic Acts of Kindness!

We ran across this brief online article and recommend it to those facing and dealing with cancer and to anyone dealing with physical and mental illness — it’s good pastoral practice from a rather unlikely source:

Some basic acts of kindness found to help patients dealing with cancer by Leonard L. Berry in The Washington Post, 8 April 2018

An excerpt:

Cancer may not be life-ending, but it usually is life-changing. A cancer diagnosis instantaneously turns life upside down for patients and families. Cancer care is a “high-emotion” service, and the care team must not only effectively treat the disease but also address patients’ intense emotions.

While accurate diagnosis and effective treatment are paramount, simple acts of kindness can be a potent antidote to negative emotions and may improve outcomes for those experiencing the frightening journey called cancer. A growing body of evidence reviewed at Stanford University shows that kind medical care can lead to faster wound healing, reduced pain, anxiety and blood pressure, and shorter hospital stays.

Berry writes about six types of kindness: Deep listening, Empathy, Generous acts, Timely care, Gentle honesty, and Support for family caregivers.

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