In the news this week: Loneliness

A second meta-analysis took in 70 studies, representing 3.4 million people from the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It found that the effect of isolation, loneliness, and living alone had an effect on the risk of dying younger equal to that of obesity.

Here’s a link to the article quoted above, ‘People in rich countries are dying of loneliness‘, from the website Quartz. This is just one of many articles citing the research. We spend so much time considering obesity… Interesting to have a further dimension of our social dis-ease for pondering. Fr. Adrian van Kaam, founder of ‘formation science’ and author on formative spirituality, would call this one of the signs of ‘the abandoned souls of the West’.

This reminded us of an interesting book we picked up over a decade back: Shades of Loneliness: Pathologies of a Technological Society by Richard Stivers. It’s fascinating. True Christians have a lot to offer the world on community and love.

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