Our Beliefs

The mission of the Fellowship of St. Barnabas is to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength; loving our neighbor as ourselves and loving the world for the sake of God.

We commit to the following:

  • Worship: The worship of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is the chief vocation of all of humanity, both now and into eternity.
  • Discipleship: We want to grow up into the fullness of Christ both as the corporate body of Christ and as individual followers of Him.
  • Fellowship: We are called and gifted to live life together:
    • Together we will grow into the fullness of Christ. 
    • Together we will practice hospitality.
    • Together we will bear one another’s burdens. 
    • Together we will share with those in need. 
    • Together we will initiate with one another in spiritual friendship and mutual accountability.
  •  Mission: Our mission in and to the world means that we will:
    • Live as a people of the light in a darkened world.
    • Be ready, in season and out of season, to speak of the hope that lies within us.
    • Live as ambassadors of Christ to those who do not know Him.
    • Care for widows, orphans, and the poor.
    • Pray and work for justice in our community, in this nation, and in the world.
  • Stewardship: All of life and creation is a gift from our generous God and we are called to be faithful stewards of these gifts. We will be:
    • Stewards of ourselves.
    • Stewards of one another, including the unborn. 
    • Stewards of the material world.
    • Stewards of the gift of marriage between one man and one woman, given in creation. 
    • Stewards of the gifts God has given every Christian for ministry. We are the priesthood of all believers—lay and clergy— proclaiming the saving work of God in Jesus Christ.
    • Stewards of the gift of ordination of both women and men to the diaconate and the priesthood.*

*A note about women in ordained ministry: We have three women who are ordained (one deacon and two priests), as well as a male priest, who is married to one of the female priests, and a female “sub-deacon.” We have come to a biblical understanding of the ordination of women, and we fully support women in ordained positions and the ministry of lay men and women. We will be teaching on this subject from time to time and also point you to the site of Christians for Biblical Equality.